At Retention Advocacy Group, we provide the expert support and legal guidance to explore the wide-ranging financial options to help fight back and prevent foreclosures. We aim to act as a liaison between the lender and client in several different ways, including:

Complaints process

In the event a lender is involved in any type of discriminatory lending practice related to age, gender, or race, we are able to guide our clients in filing a complaint via the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. This practice can act as a form of pre-litigation and become the first line of attack.

Eviction defense

Eviction defense is necessary in those cases where a foreclosure has taken place, and the lenders are in the process of suing the tenant or home homeowner in an attempt to evict them. At, Retention Advocacy Group we are able to give our clients advice on the best defense to stay in the property for a long as necessary, and in certain situations get money for relocating.

Foreclosure litigation

We help clients with different pre and post foreclosure litigation issues to ensure their rights are upheld at all times. Our aim is to prevent the foreclosure taking place; use eviction defense to make sure you stay in your property, get damages, or even return of property after a sale has taken place.

Foreclosure statutes

The latest foreclosure statutes can give the borrowers significantly more rights in the process of a lender attempting to push for foreclosure, and also puts in place further regulations that impact the loan services and lenders.

Lender violations

We help our clients fight a wide range of lender violations which relate to quiet title issues, automatic (Robo) signing of documents; chain of title violations, loan modification abuse and discrimination.

Mass joiner lawsuit

The process of a mass joint lawsuit makes it possible to combine the needs of multiple clients in a single lawsuit in an attempt to sue a bank or other financial institute resulting from a statutory violation or breach of duty. By using this practice, it is much more cost-effective for our clients while also having the benefit of more power in greater numbers.

Modification to contract

A breach of modification contract tries to go back on the original mortgage modification by claiming mistakes were made, and pushes a homeowner to accept revised terms that are less desirable. Most of the revised contacts result in the borrower having to pay a higher monthly payment, and if these modifications aren't accepted the lender might stop accepting future payments; this puts the homeowner into foreclosure. By acting on our client’s behalf, we give complete guidance on getting the best possible litigation representation to fight back against the breached contracts.


A simple remedy that can help a homeowner avoid default is to look at the possibility of mortgage refinancing. By taking this action it has the potential to avoid issues with the variable rate mortgage which has the increasing interest rate.

Short sale or sale

It is possible to avoid any future issues with bad credit or foreclosure, simply with a short sale or sale of the home before the mortgage reaches the default stage, and the lender starts to proceed with the action.

Wrongful foreclosure

We aim to help guide our clients who are dealing with a case of wrongful foreclosure as a result of the lender's negligence or acts of fraud in an attempt to stop or reverse the foreclosure process.