Homeowner retention programs vary significantly in relation to the type of service provided and it can be difficult to determine which is right for you and your family.

At Retention Advocacy Group we can help in the process of identifying the most appropriate program, while also making sure you are able to comply with the eligibility requirements for each of the federally funded programs. By relying on the expert knowledge of our team you will quickly find out the best course of action for your specific situation, and which program you actually quality for.

Our counselors are fully committed to providing a high level of service and have the ability to provide a comprehensive service to help throughout the entire process of defaulting on the mortgage to preventing future foreclosure.

We make sure to ask the right questions without being too intrusive in order to determine the true extent of the financial issues, and give relevant guidance to help in the process of saving your home.

Don»t leave it until it is too late. Get in touch as soon as possible to ensure the right meaningful and decisive action is taken to stop the lender from forcing you to file for bankruptcy or make a request for a ridiculous sum of money to get the loan reinstated on your home.

We have counselors standing by, so why not give Retention Advocacy Group a call on (844) 878-7879 and we will be happy to give you immediate assistance.