About Us

We at Retention Advocacy Group are fully committed to providing an all-inclusive service to our clients in an effort to fight off the eviction and foreclosure process. Our company has built a solid reputation for helping homeowners in the struggling real estate market, and helps them understand their rights.

Millions of homeowners in America can no longer afford their mortgage payments. Many are behind and are not aware of the various programs that the government has created in order to help homeowners stay in their homes.

At Retention Advocacy Group we have the ability to assist with expert guidance on home retention and loss prevention. Over the years we have built up comprehensive knowledge and in a position to provide a reliable and safe service that can help to postpone an upcoming foreclosure, which usually gives homeowners the time needed to either short sale or apply for a loan modification.

In the process of trying to provide foreclosure prevention counseling, it is necessary to explore the individual's personal finances in an effort to determine the most appropriate course of action. Whether you are looking to strategically default or challenging an existing foreclose sale, there are many different options to help restore your home ownership.

The Retention Advocacy Group has successfully helped many homeowners prevent foreclosure and stay in their home. Homeowners have to meet numerous Federal eligibility requirements in order to apply for the funded programs and we provide a 100% free consultation to make sure you meet those guidelines. Call us on (844) 878-7879 and find out now.